Land Surveying Services

Our Land Survey Division consists of registered professional land surveyors who can provide boundary and topographic surveys, control measures by global positioning systems (GPS), construction staking, as-built information, mapping, right-of-way, and easement exhibits.

Our experienced surveying staff includes Roger Allen, P.L.S., Stan Mundwiller, P.L.S. and Doug Tiemann, P.E., P.L.S., along with FAA certified drone pilots who can provide low level aerial photography and topography.

Licensed Professional Land Surveyors

Pickett, Ray & Silver has professional land surveyors with licensure in Missouri, Illinois and Kansas. All members of our survey team are Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) certified and have accumulated extensive experience in all phases of surveying and mapping essential for the successful completion of any project.

This extensive background is why our clients often depend on us to timely provide survey solutions to their problems. The team’s broad expertise in all phases of surveying and mapping gives us the ability to thoroughly analyze each situation and provide sound recommendations as well as cost-effective solutions to any problem.

Surveying Services

Pickett, Ray & Silver has been conducting land surveys for over 50 years. We provide comprehensive professional surveying services including:

  • Utilization of Property Based on Ordinance – Local and municipal governments may have regulations and restrictions for land development projects. We help prepare appropriate documents and streamline the approval process.
  • Residential FEMA Flood Surveying – These surveys are generally required when part of a property falls within designated flood areas.
  • American Land Title Association (ALTA) Surveys are necessary during the construction, development and permitting phases of commercial developments. They show the boundaries of the property and the location of improvements on the property, including any and all structures, fences, utility lines, roads, etc., along with the location of any/all easements.
  • Drone Aerial Photography and Topography is often used when we perform land surveys. This advanced technology makes the survey results more precise and accurate.
  • Design Topographic Surveys are used to gather data about the elevation of points on a piece of land and present them as contour lines on a plot.
  • Boundary Surveys are conducted to determine property lines and define true property corners of a parcel of land described in a deed.
  • Residential Lot Surveys can help home and property buyers avoid future headaches such as boundary disputes.
  • Closing Surveys are performed prior to closing on the purchase of a piece of land or property.
  • Utility Stakeouts are necessary for the accurate construction of utility lines such as gas, water, electric, sewer and fiber optic cable.
  • OSHA Certified Mine Safety Survey (MASHA) is conducted to verify that specific safety practices and features are in place in mines.
  • Land Planning and Design is where we assess the area to be developed and create comprehensive plans and programs for land development and usage.
  • Rezoning Surveys are conducted for the purpose of changing the zoning of an area or property.

Hire an Experienced Surveying Company

Pickett, Ray & Silver has been in business since 1969, providing engineering, surveying, and site planning and design for developers. Our recent work spans properties in the Missouri counties of St. Louis, St. Charles, Lincoln, Warren and Jackson and surrounding counties and states.   

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