Site Planning and Design in Warren County

Before any land development can begin, the property must be assessed. Site planning and design is necessary to make sure the planned construction will be successful. Pickett, Ray & Silver has a team of professional civil engineers who perform these land and site assessments.

The land assessment will include information about the Warren County site, like its orientation, vegetation, soils and slope. Local zoning laws also play an important part in the design and development of structures on the site.

Once our team gathers all the necessary data, we will present a comprehensive plan to proceed with design and development. The plan will include viable solutions that are cost-effective and sustainable.

Land Surveys

After the overall site planning is in place, site surveys must be completed. Pickett, Ray & Silver has a team of registered professionals who will do the surveys for your Warren County development site.

We use the latest technology to perform boundary and topographic surveys and control measures. We use global positioning systems (GPS), construction staking, as-built information, mapping, right-of-way, and easement exhibits as input to our survey solutions

Drone Technology for Quick and Accurate Site Surveys

Our survey team also uses drones to gather critical information. Operated by an FAA-certified drone pilot, the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) can capture data in areas of Warren County that humans, or even GPS technology, cannot. They produce results that are high-resolution and detailed 3D models of the site’s terrain.

Using drones instead of traditional methods for site survey solutions has many advantages. The resulting data are produced more quicker and with greater precision. The risk of injury to human surveyors is reduced to almost zero, as they no longer must physically traverse the ground to gather the information.

Civil Engineering in Warren County

The civil engineering team at Pickett, Ray & Silver is comprised of trained, certified professionals. They have many years of experience working on land development projects in Warren County.

Commercial and Industrial Engineering

Our clients in Warren County hoping to develop commercial properties depend on us to provide extensive engineering services. We will provide land design solutions for grading, drainage, utilities, erosion, parking lots, and construction layout of the site.

Residential Engineering

We help developers by providing solutions for building residential properties in Warren County. We develop comprehensive plans for the successful construction of new subdivisions, single-family homes, apartment buildings, etc.

Government Projects

Pickett, Ray & Silver has contributed to the construction of municipal government projects in Warren County. Because our company is a certified woman-owned business, the process for getting our teams in place can be expedited.

Public Works

We have helped design projects related to stormwater drainage and sewers, flood plains and wastewater systems. We are also experts in planning and designing roads and highways.

Let Us Help You Succeed

With over 50 years of civil engineering and site surveying experience, Pickett, Ray & Silver has helped thousands of land developers reach their goals. Contact us today to learn how we can make your Warren County project a huge success!

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