Site and Land Planning, Design and Development

An important precursor of any development project is site or land planning and design. Before breaking ground, or even completing a land survey, it is necessary to evaluate the properties of the area for the purposes of designing a structure that will work in the space.

The Site Planning Process

Pickett, Ray & Silver begins with your vision and goals. We then perform a thorough assessment of the potential building site. We gather critical information, such as:

  • Slope
  • Soils
  • Hydrology
  • Vegetation
  • Parcel ownership
  • Orientation

We also consider the zoning laws of the city and/or county in which the construction will take place to determine if it is fit for the type of building intended. We will then develop a comprehensive plan that contains solutions that are cost-effective, sustainable, and include long-term benefits.

Commercial and Industrial Planning and Design

Based on your needs and goals, we perform site feasibility assessments to provide you with recommendations on successful development of the property. Whether you want to build a large retail center, a distribution center, or an industrial park, we can provide you with those options.

Residential and Mixed-Use Communities

We can help you develop plans for subdivisions that are strictly residential, optimizing green space and maintaining the best aesthetics. Some developments combine residential subdivisions with retail stores, restaurants, banks and local government buildings. These are referred to as mixed-use communities. They often span thousands of acres and include open space, parks, walking trails, lakes and more.

Land Use Planning and Sustainable Design

In additional to assessing the physical properties of a site, Pickett, Ray & Silver will also study the impact of the development on the environment, economy and social welfare of the community. That is where land use planning and sustainable design become important components to the site.

Land use planning is a technique that assesses the overall area of development for the purposes of maximizing quality of life, particularly in urban areas. It is a process that evaluates certain parameters for increasing efficiency in the area.

Our comprehensive assessment will consider different perspectives related to transportation, infrastructure, smart growth and sustainable design. Our final design will focus on making your vision a reality while retaining the integrity of the community.

Benefits of Land Use Planning

The goal of land use planning is to balance different activities taking place in the development area. Its intent is to optimize the combination of residential, commercial, transportation, recreational, retail, and public use of the development. It is necessary for sustainable development and efficient use of available resources.

Land use planning governs and controls how the property can be developed. It balances all the activities and helps to avoid pollution from excess industrial development. Overall, the objective is to produce a better quality of life for all individuals living, working and frequenting establishments in the area.

This is achieved by reducing the need for excessive driving and time spent getting to and from homes and other businesses. It encourages better utilization and distribution of resources and land.

Get a Comprehensive Solution

Pickett, Ray & Silver offers the full range of services for your land development projects. We’ve been in the business for over 50 years, so we have the experience needed to achieve your goals. From site planning, to engineering and design, we will be your partner in achieving your vision.

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