Jackson County Civil Engineers

Pickett, Ray & Silver is a company based in St. Peters, Missouri. We’ve been in business since 1969 serving St. Charles, St. Louis, Warren, Lincoln and Jackson counties. We provide land developers with site planning and design solutions for residential, commercial, government and public works projects.

Our civil engineering team consists of accomplished professionals and technical support staff. They work with developers in Jackson County to take land development projects from concept to completion. We provide innovative solutions so that our clients can achieve their goals and vision.

Customer-Centric, Experienced Land Surveyors

When you need professionals to conduct land surveys and provide site planning and design in Jackson County, you want a company you can count on. Pickett, Ray & Silver has built a reputation over the last five decades for exemplary performance and reliability.

Most of our new business is generated by referrals from other satisfied customers that we have helped. We appreciate our customers and strive to provide them with the best results and service possible. We are proud to be a part of the exciting development in and around Missouri, Kansas and Illinois

Innovative Solutions in Jackson County

Pickett, Ray & Silver is constantly looking for improved ways to conduct land surveys. That’s why we have replaced traditional methods and tools with drone technology. Operated by FAA-certified drone pilots, this technology is a vast improvement to other methods and tools previously used.

Drones can capture images and maneuver terrain that was previously unattainable. The data is more precise and detailed. The time it takes for the drone to gather information is much less than traditional methods, thus also reducing the costs. Risks of physical injury is greatly reduced, since the drone is doing the work, not the humans.

The end result is a comprehensive assessment of the site that can be used to prepare e detailed plan for development. Using this technology allows us to provide better solutions to our clients in Jackson County.

New Urbanism in Jackson County

New urbanism is an approach that focuses on site planning and design for communities that incorporates common spaces, sidewalks, housing, restaurants and shopping. It’s a mixed-use environment that reduces the carbon imprint, since residents aren’t required to drive long distances (or at all) to shop, eat, or enjoy the outdoor space.

Contrary to its title, new urbanism isn’t limited to urban areas. It can also be applied to suburban, rural, and densely populated areas as well.

There are many areas in Jackson County that could benefit from our expertise in new urbanism design. We can help create healthier communities for individuals and families. This type of design can be applied to new construction, as well as to neighborhood revitalization projects.

Sustainable Design and Development

Our solutions include promoting sustainable building in Jackson County. Our site planning and design guidelines advise on the use of products and processes that meet long-term needs of both the consumer and the environment.

The Pickett, Ray & Silver civil engineers evaluate land development projects with a focus on their impact to the environment, economy and community. We consider several factors in our sustainable design solutions, including lifespan, energy savings, durability, renewability and recyclability.

Professional Site Planning and Design

Hire the experienced company you can trust to provide the best solutions for your development project in Jackson County. Contact Pickett, Ray & Silver to learn more about our services.

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