Engineering and Surveying Solutions in Lincoln County

Pickett, Ray & Silver has been helping land development companies in Lincoln County since 1969. As an experienced civil engineering and surveying firm, we provide solutions for site planning and design. As a result, land development and construction can proceed smoothly and efficiently.

We are committed to providing exceptional service at a fair price. Our teams of civil engineers and surveying professionals have the skills, resources, and tools to provide accurate and timely solutions. We don’t back down from a challenge; in fact, we look forward to innovation and improved techniques.

Hi-Tech Solutions for Surveying

Pickett, Ray & Silver is always striving for better methods and solutions. We have adopted using drone technology for surveying and mapping the land in Franklin County. These drones are operated by FAA-certified drone pilots.

There are many benefits to using drone technology, including:

  • Surveys done with drone technology are more accurate and thorough than using traditional techniques. Drones can capture minute details that other tools or the naked eye miss. They are also able to access hidden or complex areas.
  • Drones can capture the same extent of data in a much shorter amount of time. This reduces the time required to complete the survey, as well as decreasing the cost.
  • Humans are no longer required to physically walk through the terrain, so the risk of injury is greatly reduced. Drones replace several traditional tools and get the same results without all the labor.

Site Planning and Design in Lincoln County

Pickett, Ray & Silver has a seasoned team of professional civil engineers who analyze sites to be developed. They provide comprehensive planning and design documents for commercial, industrial, residential, government and institutional construction projects. They also design roads and highway systems, water distribution systems and stormwater collection.

Our civil engineers are especially focused on sustainable design and development. We research and analyze the environmental, economic, and social impacts of the design and development. We make informed recommendations and solutions based on lifespan, durability, cost, and reusability.

By using products and processes that are environmentally sound and durable, the developments will serve the needs of the Lincoln County community for a longer period.

Hire a Company Active in the Community

You have choices when looking for land surveyors and civil engineers to help plan and design your construction project. Pickett, Ray & Silver was established in 1969 in St. Charles County. We assist land developers in Lincoln County, as well as other cities and counties in Missouri, Kansas and Illinois.

We are a Woman-Owned Business, active in several local organizations, like the Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW) network and in local Chamber of Commerce. We believe in supporting the businesses and community where we live and work. Many of our clients are our neighbors and friends.

Trust a local company to make sure your Franklin County construction project is a success. Pickett, Ray & Silver should be your choice in helping you achieve your development dreams.

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