September 21

5 Important Reasons for Land Surveying



Whether you are building a new home, a new warehouse, or a bridge, surveying the land is a necessary preliminary activity before construction begins. Many don’t realize the importance of land surveying until it’s too late. It helps determine the boundaries of a property and gives accurate measurements on how to develop the land. 

What is Land Surveying?

Land surveying is the measurement and mapping of land using mathematics, specialized technology, and equipment. The planning and design of all Civil Engineering projects such as the construction of highways, bridges, tunnels, dams, and building construction are based upon surveying measurements.

Land surveyors work on a variety of projects from planning and design of new or existing infrastructure, land development, and construction. They’re experts in determining the land size as well as topographic heights. The surveyor gives advice and provides information to guide the work of engineers, architects, town planners, geologists, and developers. 

Why Land Surveys Are Necessary

If you’re buying a property to develop or renovate, you need to have the land surveyed before you build.  Every property development project begins with a land survey.  Surveyors measure and check the land, including formations, slopes, features, and heights, to create a detailed report which includes a map of the land. Here’s why this information is important for your new project.

1. Informed Decisions

Surveyors are often the first people on any construction or development site. The data collected is then used by architects and engineers to understand and plan the landscaping, design, and structures accurately and safely. 

A land surveyor can take accurate measurements from a large area of land. This technology provides the information on the easements which is used to plan out how to develop or build on the land, as well as maintain local codes and regulations.

2. Protect Your Investment

Land surveying can help to protect the investment put into the property’s construction. It will reveal pertinent information to aid in the planning process. A land survey company will give you important info which will determine if a property is a good buy or not.  It can help determine:

  • If the property is in a flood zone 
  • The documents you need to check before buying land
  • If the land is the correct size that is shown on the deed by the seller 

3. Comply with Planning Codes and Guidelines

Understanding the accurate dimensions and topography of any site is key to ensuring that what you plan to achieve will comply with building guidelines and town plans. If your development project requires constructing new rooms or additional dwellings after subdividing a block, you need to know if everything will fit on the site. You must also ensure the project adheres to all city planning codes.

In addition, a planning permit might be required if you’re proposing to develop, subdivide, or change the land use. There also may be overlays such as wildfire, heritage, or vegetation protection on the land. These proposals are assessed against the land zoning, permitted land uses, and other planning documents. To get approval on the proposal, a professional land survey must be submitted. Having your boundary lines and topographic heights accurately measured ensures you can address all of these issues. 

4. Provides Surety to Construction Teams

A surveyor’s equipment can measure distances to within a few millimeters. They can also measure vertical distances which are invaluable in providing cut and fill measurements when constructing a road, drain, or for setting out excavation for a pipeline. Having the right data in the beginning phases provides surety to the construction teams. It reduces time loss and allows those on-site to perform their tasks accurately.  

5. Property Encroachments

As a property owner, you need to understand possible encroachments on your property. A land survey identifies where the property lines and corners are so that you know your exact property dimensions. This information can come in handy in case of a dispute later on.

A qualified land surveyor will survey the site to provide information including the features such as vegetation, fences, the slope of the land, building heights, road features, and any utility services. If your project requires a city planning application, the adjoining property buildings are also surveyed including the location of habitable windows, doors, and roof ridgelines. 

Licensed Surveying Professionals

A licensed surveyor is the only entity legally entitled to perform an official survey to mark the boundaries of your property. Make sure you use the licensed professionals at Pickett, Ray, & Silver. We will help you make informed decisions on what to do with your land. Contact us today to get started. 


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